Sunday, September 18, 2005

Oh and Too

I take back 80% of the nice things I finally said about John Bunting last year. It's not just that we're 0-2 - those were some good teams we played and we were not favored in either game. It's the WAY we lost them. I always thought Bunting was all about discipline and about defense. Yet we were penalized 147 times for 3,000 yards against Wisconsin. Those are just not mistakes that I would expect a Bunting team to make. Now, I'll give the defense credit - they played 3 good quarters against GT and 3 VERY good quarters against Wisconsin and were on the field way too long in both games, but they gave out in the 4th quarter of both games. While they just absolutely sucked last year (bottom 10 of division 1-A) they seem to have a spark this year if the offense can manage to get them some rest.

I think Matt Baker's got potential, but he's a senior for heaven's sake and he's got no credible backup. If we don't develop a running game, he's going to get creamed every game and there's no way he'll last the season. He had to be one sore sonofagun this morning with some of the shots he took Saturday.

I'm afraid we're in for a long season.


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