Monday, September 26, 2005


One of the best things to happen to UNC athletics the last few years has been the stubborn insistence of NC State to keep Herb Sendek and Chuck Amato around as head coaches. My goodness, don't those guys suck? I've talked about Sendek before - nice guy I'm sure, seems to run a relatively clean program, can't recruit or coach worth spit as far as I can tell. Amato on the other hand just seems to be a big blowhard - no substance. "Colorful" is probably the nice term that the sportswriters use - translate that as "big bag of wind". He talks and talks and talks (which probably helps him recruit) but you can pretty well bet your retirement fund that his teams will be overrated and then underperform every single year. The ACC sportswriters actually picked State to win their division this year? Are they just not paying attention?

On the other hand, UNC needs to find a way for the NCAA to allow them a couple of exhibition games to start the season before they start counting, as Bunting teams seem to be really slow starters. This was another sloppy-as-hell game Saturday (at least the first half) but thank goodness State was sloppier. The good stuff is that the defense is starting to play a thousand times better than last year, the O-line seems to be shaping up and partly as a consequence, we seem to have found a running game. Now if Matt Baker can find some receivers that can actually catch a ball before halftime and we can cut out some of the stupid penalties, we might be dangerous.

In the meantime, the Woofpack seems destined for another mediocre season. Heh.


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