Monday, January 30, 2006

Ride Like the Wind

Lex may want a military-grade automatic shotgun for Father's Day, but despite not having any progeny, this hydrogen fuel-cell motorcycle is what I want (link via boingboing). According to GaijinBiker,
Apparently, riding it feels more like skiiing or windsurfing than like riding a normal motorcycle. Rumors that Intelligent Energy will be adding simulated engine noise to the ENV are false — the company sees the bike's silent operation as a selling point, not a problem. Interestingly, the fuel cell that powers the bike is removable, and can be used to run other items in your home.
It's only rated at 50 mph, so not something that I'd be taking out on I-40 or riding up the Blue Ridge Parkway, but what a great commuter bike!


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