Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Long Strange Trip

Today was officially the last day of our support contract with my primary customer, the one that I worked for before being outsourced to my current employer. I started with them in November, 1987, so today ended almost 20 years of association. Most of the people that I've worked with for many, many years were hired back - I was not primarily because (I think) the area that I've been working in for the last 18 months was one where they had retained a number of people that were itching to do their own thing in my space and partly because they turned around and outsourced part of that to another company. I'm sure that had I stayed on the server side of the house I'd have been made an offer, but frankly I have no regrets. I'll be moving on to the next adventure and feel pretty good about how that's shaping up.

But today was very weird. I think I was looking for closure that just wasn't there. I went on into the office to see a few folks (understand that I normally work from home and go into the office only rarely). One of the real oddities was doing exit interviews with staff when I was the one that was actually leaving. There was no real sense that today was the last time I'd be associated with these guys (in truth, I'll still be around doing cleanup for the rest of the week). I'll probably drop by the office Friday to turn in my security badge and some other equipment that I won't be taking with me to the new gig, so maybe that closure will come then, but right now, I just feel a strange sense of limbo.


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