Monday, July 04, 2005


Yep, Takeru Kobayashi won Nathan's Hot-Dog Eating contest for the fifth year in a row, making him in the words of one of the announcers, "the Lance Armstrong of hot-dog eating". He did fail to eclipse his record-setting meal of last year, "only" inhaling 49 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes, 4 1/2 short of his record. The real story though was probably the runner-up - Sonya Thomas, a 105-pound Burger King manager from Alexandria, Virginia, managed to almost keep pace with the Tsunami for the first few minutes and proceeded to down 37 hot dogs in setting a new America record. That count would have easily won the competition a few years ago before Kobayashi came on the scene. In fact, Rabbit Arai's winning score in 2000 (which was a record at the time) was only slightly more than 25, a score that the Tsunami doubled in his first win the next year.

I gotta go fire up the grill!! Happy 4th, y'all!


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