Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pray for Rain

Can't get that Guadalcanal Diary song out of my head every time I look out and see how brown and crispy the grass is getting. We were sitting on the back porch Sunday evening when JennySlash pointed out the fox that had just traversed our back yard and was trotting across the street and up our neighbors' driveway. We've never seen a fox in the neighborhood before - a good indication of how dry it's getting. During the last big drought of 2001-2002, we'd see herds of deer grazing the yards - J once saw thirteen in our yard alone - but as soon as the rains came back, they mostly moved back into the woods and the pastures along Homestead Road. I expect we'll continue to see an influx of critters looking for water and greenery until we get some good soakers. With the high rate of rabies in Orange County, that doesn't thrill me.

It's getting bad - we're at least 7" below average for the year so far, while the NC mountains continue to get way too much. Mom measured something like 17" of rain in June in Yancey County and I'll bet we didn't get a full inch after June 3rd. There's been enough up there that sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway that finally reopened after being washed out due to the tropical storms last summer/fall have been closed again due to fresh slides. And it looks like another tropical storm may be coming their way late this week. On the other hand, for weeks we've seen bands of rain coming towards us from the west and then petering out to nothing by the time they reach Alamance County. So yeah, pray for rain...


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