Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Six outta "24"

Okay, we're a quarter of the way through the day (hey, it's afternoon now!) and Jack still hasn't really tortured anybody yet. Oh, he's tried, but the baggage handler took a suicide pill before Jack could really get started and while Cummings got the snot beaten out of him, that was more out of anger over his role in David Palmer's death than to really get an information out of him. When Jack actually started questioning him, all it took was a threat (well, and a well-honed knife held just below his eye) to get Walt to spill like a little baby. You know Bauer must be really disappointed that he hasn't had an excuse to poke someone's eye out yet.

I don't understand the discussions in other forums comparing President Logan to our own W. Admittedly I don't have a lot of background having not seen anything prior to this season other than the first 4-5 episodes of Season 1, but it's not clear to me that Logan's stupid (unlike the real CinC). And one thing you can say about W is that he's decisive (usually in exactly the wrong direction) where Logan is about as uncomfortable making a decision as he is being around his wife now that he's tried to have her committed (again). He certainly has Nixon's paranoia (and jowls) but I don't see much comparison to any other recent pres. He seems to be the accidental president - someone who thought the job of Vice President sounded great 'cause he wouldn't have to do any real work. Some of you that saw previous seasons may know that to be totally untrue, but I only have this season to go on.

Still, it's holding up pretty well for me and with the death (or impending death) of many of the other hour-long shows I've watched from time to time this season (Night Stalker, Threshold, Surface) I'll stick with it for a while longer. At least 'til dinner time.


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