Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Eternal Optimism

Dad emailed me last week with his predictions for the upcoming Carolina football season. As usual, I found his 8-4 prediction (he did hedge with a 7-5 worst case) to be irrationally exuberant and let him know that I figured we'd be doing good to split down the middle and finish 6-6. That would frankly not be a disappointment to me. Jeez, we're playing Notre Dame, Miami and a resurgent Clemson on the road so that's 3 losses right off the top. Virginia Tech is 4. Between Furman, Rutgers, GaTech and South Florida I figured we'd be doing good to split (and now we've lost to Rutgers, so that's one down). And this is all assuming we don't get upset by a Dook or Wake or NCState (man, the Big Four really, really suck at football these days!).

With most of my coworkers in the office State fans, it won't be a total loss if we ONLY beat Dook and State, but I'm sticking with my 6-6 prediction. I'm just still not convinced that Bunting is the guy to get us back into BCS contention.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger tmay245 said...

Broncos beat Panthers to win Superbowl XLI.
Take it to Vegas.

I grew up a Cowboys fan with one of my brothers a diehard Broncos fan. So in my wildest dreams I never thought it would be possible to convert to being a Broncos fan. Not to mention that I would NEVER be a Steelers fan.

The transformation happened living in the canuck for 10 years, becoming a Stampeder's fan - go Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia. I swept the Cowboy's under the carpet mostly b/c of OSU's Jimmy Johnson, and that guy that got traded from OU to UCLA) Plus, there wasn't that much US footy on the tube anyway. Now you know. Broncos Rule. I'm still calling for Shanahan's job, he is so predictable in making the wrong call.

Lets jump to possible transformations of 2006.
I read somewhere today that some Jihad Al Qaeda target is calling for the USA to convert to Islam - or else. Well, I will convert as soon as Bruce Whitfield changes his name to Supreme Abdul Crowbar, or something southern Islam cool...

At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wrambling wreck looked pretty good against the domers so you'll have your hands full there. Sure wish you guys had kept sMack Brown. He's killing us down here. We went and watched the Aggies win 35-3 but it was freaking Citadel and they manhandled our defense in the first half. I'm not seeing (even with 7 home games) qualifying for a bowl. Unless maybe the Bowl against some Div II pansy.

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

tm - I love the name for Brucie - but I ran him through the Islamic Terrorist Generator and came out with Nabee "Killer of Infidels" el Hadiyatullah. On the other hand, somehow I come up with Khaatamul Anbiya "Leader of Those Whose Limbs are Radiant" bin Imamul Muttaqeen for me. Weird.

st - we'd take Mack-o-Brown back in a heartbeat but he's clearly gotten exactly what he wanted with the move to Tejas. But hey, could be worse - my bud Dave (who comments here occasionally) is a Red Raider...

At 12:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For buddy Dave:

T-shirt spotted in College Station last weekend:

Front: Four most common words spoken by a Lubbock grad.

Back: Ding! Tortillas are ready.


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