Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's October. Surprise!

I know there has been a lot of talk the last few days about the North Korea explosion (we assume it was nuclear) being the "October Surprise" but frankly I don't see any way in hell the Repuglicans can turn this to their advantage with the exception of the most serious kool-aid drinkers. After six years of Bush tough-talk, no-action policies towards NK there's nowhere else to lay the blame. Tough talk with nothing to back it up is hardly a winning strategy, particularly when you're dealing with someone that is, well, bat-shit insane. With China sitting on NK's border, the sort of unrestrained John Wayne cavalry charge that Bush used in Iraq to such positive /* hack */ effect /*cough, cough */ was never in the cards and when you've got bat-shit crazy Dear Leader on one side of the ocean and bat-shit crazy Darth Cheney and Rummy teamed up on the other, brinksmanship is really not a viable foreign relations policy.

Cold War policies were based on the assumption that the leaders of both sides of the conflict were sane, rational people with the preservation of their own folks as their primary objective - I'm not willing to make that assumption on the part of Dear Leader and I'm convinced that the idiots running the show in Washington are too self-deluded to understand the difference. Mutually-assured Destruction doesn't work when both parties really are MAD.


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