Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Updating my Blog Links

Bad enough that I'm finally admitting the truth and removing the link to Fafblog! (last updated in June) - now I've got to drop Billmon and, even worse, mapgirl at Midwest (formerly Nashville) Confidential. However, I've finally gotten around to adding links to some of my real-life friends that I've been reading for quite awhile but was too damn lazy to add, so welcome spuffyduds at Insane Troll Logic, justisengard, gikiski and the other (younger, fresher) Tony - the one at 245Road!



At 12:38 PM, Blogger tmay245 said...

Since there is a buttload of snow on the roads, my bro-in-law talked me into the finer points of treadmill training. The drawback is that my 2 labs don't get to go to the gym with me. I must say that running indoors on a treadmill is way better than freezing yer arse. As for the 'younger-fresher' metafix, I don't feel that way today. The catch to joining the gym to run is that I have to now workout with 'Stupid-Strong' and 'Retarted-Strong'. Basically for the next few days I'll have to squirt shampoo on the wall and rub my head on the wall to work the shampoo in because I can't lift my arms. funny.

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

Hey, I've been thinking a lot about you guys - I want to see pictures of enormous snow drifts! Glad to hear you're getting around okay in Superjeep.

I finally broke down and joined the gym that JennySlash has been going to - I still hate running on a treadmill but they have an indoor track that's not too bad (if you don't mind running 12 short laps just to make a mile). I need to do some lifting myself but I haven't quite worked up to that yet - probably ought to do some work at home first so I'm not going to the gym and embarassing myself with the little pink dumbbells.

You guys stay warm!


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