Sunday, April 29, 2007

Don't Run, Al

Thankfully the calls for the Gore-acle to start another run for the White House have quieted down, due I think to the realization that the Democrats actually have a number of candidates that they are comfortable with. While I'm firmly in the John Edwards camp, all is not lost if he does not win the nomination. Sure I want to hear more substantive stuff from Obama, but it's damned early yet. And no, I'll never forgive the pandering of the Hil-ster over the last few years, including most egregiously her co-sponsorship of an anti-flag burning amendment, but I think she'd be an able president (and don't you know it would be fun to stick it to the wingnuts with the Clintons back in the White House!). Neither the thought of Joe Biden or Bill Richardson as president would keep me from sleeping well at night. So while I have expected a Gore to be president since I was growing up in his father's district in middle Tennessee in the 60's and while I think he'd be a great president, we don't NEED him to run.

The Repuglicans on the other hand are still obviously looking for their guy. McCain, Romney and Guiliani are all horribly flawed as Republican candidates and the guys waiting in the wings are (yet another) actor and the former House speaker who closet is more full of skeletons than Imelda Marcos' was of shoes.

Sure Gore could run if he wanted to, but he's probably able to be more effective from the outside. So why should he put himself and his family through that again? And why should he give up the ability to say what he's really thinking?



At 11:09 AM, Blogger tmay245 said...

Unchain the fasher of our internet.

Come on Dave, gimme a break. One break comming up!


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