Sunday, April 15, 2007


While it's way, way too soon to celebrate, it does appear that the Navy's position on building the Outlying Landing Field (OLF) at their preferred location is finally losing steam. The News and Observer views Senator Burr's strongly-worded letter to the Secretary of the Navy as one of the last bullets in the head of this stupid idea. Note that the major political player in the state that has not staked out position is the ever-elusive Liddy Dole - I'd suggest you email her but as far as I know, she still does not have a senatorial email address. I can't rememer a less effective legislator from NC that Ms. Dole and it astounds me that she's actually running for reelection.

But this not about Bob's little woman - it's about the good news that the worst possible site for the OLF may be soon to die the ignominious death it deservers.



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Maybe she reads your blog???


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