Sunday, May 13, 2007

All Wet

Ending a week of vacation at Top of the Hill while J's at church, taking advantage of the excellent beer and free wi-fi. It's been a very wet vacation, from spending two full days at the spa at Grove Park Inn to sweating all the way home Wednesday after getting a call about a problem at work that could have gotten me and a couple of my folks fired (luckily problem was later averted) to then spending Thursday and Friday pressure-washing the house. Couple that with a couple of inches of rain yesterday and my skin feels like it's about to just slough off - I feel like I've been living in a swamp the last few days.

Grove Park was wonderful as usual and I feel a great sense of accomplishment in giving the house a nice bath (it was looking a bit worse for wear). But as J pointed out today, I've taken no time during my vacation to just sit and veg. That's a problem - I'm thinking that I've kinda lost the knack of doing that. If I'm not working there are so many things that I WANT to do that I'm having trouble doing nothing.

In the meantime, maybe it's a good thing that I'm going back to work. Maybe I can dry out...



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