Friday, June 01, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend - Part One

Since we knew everyone that actually lives and/or works in DC would be heading to Ocean City or Virginia Beach for the weekend, we decided to go up and do some sightseeing. While I'm in DC every couple of weeks, my visits are pretty much confined to about a 4 block area, so I was looking forward to doing some different things.The view up Pennsylvania actually IS one that I get every time I come up and I never get tired of it. I know it's not a cool thing to say, but the concept of the Congress is still one of the best things about this country and occasionally the reality at least still visits the neighborhood of that concept. A little more often now than in the past few years.

We had dinner Friday night just to the left of where this picture was taken - on the sidewalk near the Willard International Hotel at the Occidental Grill. Great weather, great food, great night!

Our house - and I'm looking forward to getting rid of the dumbass that's living there now and getting it back.

Something I'd never seen (or at least hadn't noticed) before - the memorial to the 1st Infantry Division (the "Big Red One") on top of a tall column near the White House and Old Executive Office Building. Shiny.



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