Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rabbit Eye Movement

Got a huge kick earlier this week from one of the guys that's working for me in my new gig that obviously doesn't know me very well yet. We were IMing about a company site in Maryland when he asked me as a stumper who did "Don't Go Back to Rockville". Uh... dude. My response that I was married in the Rockville Courthouse by an assistant justice of the peace wearing go-go boots and we were listening to "Rockville" as we drove away was met with "Well played, sir!". Kids.

The 1983 vintage R.E.M.

Followed by the modern version playing a 1983 vintage song...



At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Lex said...

I loved "Boxcars" even more than "Radio Free Europe" and I still get goose bumps ....

At 11:07 PM, Anonymous pc said...

Did you tell him what your license plate used to say?


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