Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vote for Me!

So are the McSame-loving mediots that are after Wes Clark's hide saying that getting your ass shot down in Vietnam DOES qualify you to be President? Does that imply that if I get sideswiped while riding the Suzuki, I'm qualified to be a county commissioner? I don't see the correlation.

I hate to think that I have to explain this, but maybe if enough of us do...

No one's patriotism was being questioned. No one's honor was being questioned. What was being questioned was the narrative that the McSame campaign (and the suck-up mediots in DC) has been playing - that somehow John McCain has EXPERIENCE that Obama lacks. Clark's point (which I actually think he made pretty succinctly) is that neither McCain's military experience (pilot and prisoner of war) nor his political experience (Senator) give him any real experience as an administrator. He's not saying that Obama has MORE of course, just that McCain really has no more APPLICABLE experience that Obama. (This same narrative of course is why we've been much more likely to elect governors to the Presidency than senators the last few cycles.)

Of course maybe what Clark is REALLY saying is that HIS military experience does qualify HIM to be President. And I'd have a hard time arguing with him.

Is that clear now?



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