Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rosie Bowl

Let me get this in real quick before the kickoff - I predict a Trojan win at 38-28, with half of the Longhorns' scoring coming from defense and/or special teams.

The bad thing about this game is that it lends some legitimacy to the BCS and probably ensures that it will be around at least another five years. The good thing is... shit, everything! This is probably the biggest college football game I can remember. If USC does win, they can lay real claim to being the best college football team in at least 40 years. If Tejas wins, it marks the return to the top of an ex-perennial power that hasn't made it this far since the late 60's. Should be fun!

Update 1: End of the 3rd quarter as Tejas lines up for a field goal. The second half is looking much more like what we expected, after the first was full of much more defense and much sloppier offense than I thought we'd see. The third quarter had a much more precise USC offense and a much faster Longhorn O that really rocked the Trojans back on their heels. 24-23 USC with the 'horns knocking.

I know Keith Jackson is like THE voice of college football, but I've never been able to forgive him for his absolute denial on the air of Woody Hayes punching Clemson's Charlie Baumann in the 1978 Gator Bowl.

Wide right - still 24-23.

By the way, I don't have a real preference in this one. I harbor no real ill-will towards Mack Brown - while I thought the way he left UNC was pretty classless, he did give us some of the best Carolina teams ever. My new customer is based primarily in Austin as are most of the guys that work for me, so I can either cheer with them or jeer at them, so I win either way.

Continual ads for Heather Graham's horribly-titled new show, but they're using the Clash as the background music, so that's okay. Add to that Jenna Elfman's new show and it looks like this winter is all about hot blonds on sitcoms. Beats the previous trend of tubby white guys.

Update 2: LenDale White is a fucking HORSE! And Reggie Bush just tightroped down the sideline and literally flew into the end zone. Dan Fouts: "It's a game of Quidditch to Reggie Bush! Where's his broom?"


Update 3: Six and a half minutes left and it's 38-26 - how's that for a prediction? Of course both teams are quite capable of scoring again, so I don't expect the score to stand. Young's got them moving down the field quite efficiently right now.

Update the Last: 19 seconds left and Young runs untouched into the end zone on 4th down then runs the 2-point conversion in. Had Texas not taken the lead, you've got to figure that the Longhorn kicker that missed a field goal and an extra point would have been the goat. Now you've got to look at the USC defender that got called for the facemask in an early play on the final Longhorn drive.

Wow! 41-38 Tejas and you've got to figure that Austin is coming apart at the seams. Kudos to Vince Young and Mack Brown - no one can say that Brown teams can't win the big ones any more cuz they don't come any bigger than this. "The eyes of Texas are upon you..."


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