Friday, March 10, 2006

Tourney Questions

Where the hell was that alleged Miami foul that sent Puke JJ Redick to the free throw line at the end the game on Friday? Can I get a round of "Dook Refs! Dook Refs!"?

Where the hell has this Wake Forest team been all year? Dook had better watch out tomorrow.

Why the hell is Herb Sendek still coaching basketball at any level? I mean, thank God he is - at least that means a couple of almost-guaranteed wins for the Tar Heels every year, but, I mean, really! He's a frickin' joke!

Is anyone else finding the tournament a little less compelling this year with the addition of all these teams to the ACC? I know it's partly me - I've got too many things I'm trying to get done this week/weekend, so I'm not able to just sit and watch. And with my schedule this year I've barely seen some of these teams at all (I'm not sure I saw more than 3 minutes of Clemson before the tournament). Maybe it IS just me....

I heard Jones Angell doing some of the play-by-play on the Tar Heel Radio Network this afternoon during the State-Wake game to give Woody Durham some rest and he was pretty good! I guess he's been doing the women's games and he sounds pretty comfortable with it. He and Montross were a good combination. I don't know how much longer Woody plans on doing this stuff (he can clearly do it as long as he wants to) - Jones might not be a bad successor.


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