Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just Drive, She Said

Haven't been posting much later, primarily because I'm still trying to get used to driving into work again. It might not sound like much, but getting up before 6 and not getting home until 7-ish is a big change for me and is taking much more time (or maybe just head space) and making it hard to get any writing done. I have NO complaints about the job - absolutely none. But with the commute (which doesn't mean just the hour+ in the car but also includes stuff like, oh, shaving that I didn't need to do while working from home) has not just taken up a lot more time, but also includes a surprising amount of money that I hadn't considered. The gas is a given (and boy didn't I pick the right time to start driving to work again!) but I've also had to add things like my own cellphone (this contract won't pay for one) and a membership to the UNC Wellness Center since running in the morning before work is no longer practical. But I'll say again, I'm so happy with the job that I'll deal with the added expenses.

One other plus/minus of the drive thing is my return to NPR. For years I listened to Morning Edition and All Things Considered pretty faithfully but over the last few years my listening was pretty rare. I guess it's not bad to be listening again since it is by necessity taking the place of my reading of Talking Points Memo and Washington Monthly and other political blogs, but it's still a little weird to me.


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