Thursday, July 07, 2005

Today We Are All Brits

There's not much to say, really - a despicable series of acts that no one on Earth can justify. While I see many on both sides of the political spectrum have been jumping on their favorite horse all day and either calling for redoubled military commitment in Iraq or calling the administration to task for focusing on Iraq at all, I'd rather take the time to feel sorrow for the dead and wounded and anger at the fucking assholes that did this. George Bush didn't do this, nor did Richard Clarke or Bill Clinton or his wife - the people that did it did it and bear full responsibility.

The offices and centers of my company, as well as the customer that I work with, are for the most part outside of London, so they were mostly affected by the transportation issues and by the problems with the cellular phone system overloads. I exchanged sympathetic instant messages and phone calls with a few British colleagues, less to check up on their physical or work well-being and more to let them know that we were thinking of them and ready to help in whatever way we could. People were obviously shaken up, but after years of IRA attacks, they at least know how to react to this. It appears that the emergency services performed quite well - something I hope similar teams in the States never have a need to become quite so proficient at.

Good coverage by the Guardian today and interesting use of the technology, running a "live" newblog as well as pointing to the photo pool at flickr for submitted photos. Nicely done coverage of a tragic day.


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