Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stupor Bowl Xtra-Long

I really have not cared a bit about this Super Bowl and I'm betting ABC is less than enthused as well from a ratings perspective. You know they'd have rather had the Colts or the Pats vs. the Deadskins or da Bears. Hell, I forget that Seattle even has a team and I've never liked the Steelers, even back in the Bradshaw-Harris-Bleier-Steel Curtain days.

So instead of planning all day to watch the game this evening, we spent the afternoon over in Greensboro shopping at the Friendly Center and had a very nice dinner at Lucky 32 before heading home. We did make it in time to catch the Rolling Stones half-time mini-concert, which really wasn't bad. And it looks like we didn't miss a damn thing in the first half. The second half has picked up a bit with the 75-yard run from Carolina boy Willie Parker and the Seahawks interception that stopped the Steelers from blowing the thing wide open. But I'm mostly watching it for the commercials at this point.

The best thing about the drive home was realizing that Little Steven's Underground Garage is being carried on Asheboro's WKRR (92.3 FM) on Sunday nights at 7. I'd heard of the show but didn't realize that anyone around here had it. What we heard was pretty damn good! Past shows are available at the site, so if you've got a broadband connection, check it out!


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