Saturday, September 23, 2006


If there were any hold-outs thinking that the Tar Heel football team might discover some semblance of a defence, they're all eager for basketball seaon now. What an ugly mess! The crappiness of the game was exacerbated by the constant mention of the 1981 Clemson team that won at least part of the MNC. Well, I remember that team. I also remember camping out in the freezing cold outside of Carmichael Auditorium to get tickets for it - at the time of ticket distribution, UNC was undefeated and ranked number 3 in the country with Clemson right behind us as number 4. Between the distribution and the game itself, we managed to lose pretty big to South Carolina, but we were still in the top 10 and undefeated in the conference when Clemson came into town. They left an 10-8 winner leaving us to eventually play Arkansas in the foggy Gator Bowl instead of playing a major with a shot for a national championship. Of course the year before we'd won the ACC, losing only to Oklahoma in Norman and still got no better than the Bluebonnet Bowl, so we might have gotten shut out anyway.

I'm typing all of this because I'd rather talk about 25-year-old losses than that crap that I heard and saw today. The one somewhat-saving grace is that it looks like NCState (the team of most of the guys I work with) is about to lose their 3rd game as well and they have much less goodness to look forward to come basketball season.

When's the Blue-White game again?


At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. The Ags are 4-0 thanks to the "schedule your way to success" plan, but with TTech begins the long conference schedule. If you guys are looking for a coach, I suspect Franchione will be available in December.

At 9:27 PM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

I can't imagine that we WON'T be looking, although I don't hear the calls for replacing Bunting as loud as I would expect. Maybe it's just because Bunting is a "Carolina" guy or maybe there's a enough satisfaction with the basketball team that it's blunting the pain of the football team. I'm not kidding about that - the post-Mack Brown attempts from the alumni to get rid of Torbush coincided with a lot of uncertainty in the basketball program, with Guthridge clearly an interim and Matt Doherty nobody's 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice as coach. Now with Roy Williams having won an NCAA already and done far exceeded expectations last year with a mostly freshman team, Bunting's got some breathing room that he would not otherwise have.

On the other hand, the Wolfpackers have finally given Herb Sendek the heave-ho and one can only believe that this 1-3 start by the football team means that Chuck the Chest Amato is coaching his last season.


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