Friday, September 22, 2006


My post from last night is a good example of why trying to get in a blog post before falling asleep on the sofa with my laptop burning holes in both thighs is probably not a very good idea. Not only is the writing bad, I have a tendency to try to rush a number of ideas out at once that are better served by separate posts and I only get about a third of each thought out before posting to avoid losing it all.

To last night's case in point, I'd been planning to blog for weeks about my reintroduction to NPR and why I am uncomfortable with it. I started listening to "All Things Considered" when I was working at the remote computing facility at Cobb Dorm as a senior at UNC and picked up "Morning Edition" (damn, I miss Bob Edwards) when I started commuting to RTP to work at IBM the next year. I was a regular listener for the next dozen and a half years until I started telecommuting and I find that I just don't listen to news/talk radio unless I'm behind the wheel of a car. What I think needs some explaining is my discomfort with NPR and it primarily has to do with some of the people (and, I'll admit, stereotypes of listeners) that I've known over the years that live and die by it. There are way too many people out there that are smugly convinced that because they get their news from NPR rather than FauxNews, they've got the "real" news in a format that is either less-biased, unbiased or biased in the direction of their own biases. Now, undoubtedly they have MORE news than a Fox News viewer and they have a MORE widescreen view of what's happening and that's nothing but good. And for some, that knowledge has hopefully driven them to seek further afield for the truth. But frankly Cokie Roberts and the rest of the gang have been pretty mainstreamed, so those that think they're getting the whole story from NPR are pretty naive. The few times that I did listen over the last few years, I found them to be as fawning over the Bush administration as the rest of the popular media.

All that being said, for the most part it's been kind of nice to be a regular listener again.

But I'd rather be telecommuting.


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