Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Damn Mr. Sun and Lex and JennySlash - between the three of them they've gotten me hooked on YouTube. I spent most of the evening last night watching stuff like the Connells Over There and 74-75, the Weird Al-produced Rockin the Suburbs from Ben Folds and the like. But the best is this bit of Dexter Romweber from when Peter Zaremba came to town with MTV's The Cutting Edge (the last good show MTV had except for maybe Remote Control) and shot a bunch of local bands - 1985 maybe? There was a Cutting Edge night at the Brewery with UV Prom, the Bad Checks and others and I remember a bit with Zaremba playing with Let's Active out behind the barn at Mitch Easter's mom's house but the bit here with Dex showing us around the Maus (a year or two before it burned down) is priceless. We've got a video of the show somewhere - we didn't even have a VCR at the time but we went out and rented one to make sure we got the show - but this will do for now.


At 6:30 AM, Blogger Jim Rosenberg said...

I feel like a pusher outside an elementary school. "First one's free, kid."

At 11:31 AM, Blogger tmay245 said...

Um, yeah, addict. Youtube is just the gateway to the harder shit. inhale http://www.linerider.org/ after that try Vista x64, after that try xbox 360-Call to Duty 2.


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