Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hil.... and Bill?

I was a big fan of Hillary Clinton's a few years ago and would have gladly supported her for president. But her constant pandering to the right the last few years has really turned me against her. I'm not talking about her vote on the Iraq War - lots of people that should have known better were duped and if we disqualified everybody that voted 'yes' we wouldn't have many people to pick from. But her ridiculous crap like the flag-burning amendment, proposals for anti-video game violence legislation and the like have really turned me off. I can get excited about John Edwards and I can probably get excited about Barack Obama when I find out a little more about him (isn't it great to have guys that can actually speak, unlike the current presnit) but I've lost a lot of respect for Hil.

On the other hand, while people may have questions about how Hilary is viewed by the independent voters (you know that most of the Republican base would vote for Satan before voting for her or they'd claim that they were one and the same), I wonder what affect bringing Bill along has on this whole thing. Is there any question that if Bill could run again, he'd be elected in a landslide? There's nobody that the Republicans could put up that he wouldn't shred. Has anybody done any polling on the Bill factor in Hil's run?



At 1:20 AM, Blogger Cindy Lee said...

as things stand RIGHT now I would vote for Clinton or Edwards. I like Clinton I always have. I am not familiar with the legislation you mentioned and I will check it out, but she has experience and I feel she could improve our world image. I agree with most of her views but with 21 mounths or so till the election so we will see what changes. as far a Edwards goes I really like him. I like his politics but when compaired to Clinton I dont feel he has the experience she does in world politics. If I had to choose between the two tomorrow I dont know what I would do. as far as Obama goes all I know about him is that he is a Chacago politician who has been in the US Senate for 2 or 3 years and seems to be very well liked. I have to learn a little more about him. Any way you look at it I will vote Democratic UNLESS the Democratic nominee has some really big black marks against him or her.


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