Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Eats

Had dinner out at our two favorite Triangle restaurants this weekend - can't afford the calories involved in such a venture too often, but man it was good! Friday late night at Margaret's Cantina after a good run at the gym and then dinner Saturday at City Beverage with one of the best pieces of tuna I've ever had. If you like the fishies, I highly recommend CB - whoever their buyer is really knows what they're doing.

This was all after being in DC last week during Restaurant Week which includes a $30 prixe fixe menu at almost 200 restaurants (it's obviously a slow week for business travel). The only night I really took advantage of it was when a bunch (and I mean like 15 or so) of us went out to The Oceanaire Seafood Room, which was pretty good (but not as good as City Beverage) and where the low price of the dinner was more than made up for by one of my unsuspecting dinner companions who found out when the check arrived that his two glasses of house Merlot came to $44! I'm not saying I wouldn't go back (although I'm betting HE won't!) but I'll make sure I ask the price of everthing before ordering.



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