Wednesday, July 13, 2005

President Clinton II

There's a semi-interesting discussion on the Political Animal blog about whether Hil could be elected in 2008. I say semi-interesting partly because there's a lot of silliness there but also because in reading some of the comments that echo my thoughts of a few months ago, I'm starting to realize that they are, and I was, wrong. At least so I think today.

The gist is that if she wants it, Hillary can get the Democratic nomination without a lot of struggle. What happens next is what is in debate. Now I like the theory that the mere fact of a Hil nomination would prompt sudden heart attacks from apoplexy from enough Rush-heads that the election would shift to the left. But I somehow doubt that would happen (a boy can dream, can't he?). On the other hand, the notion that Hil is despised so deeply and by so many people on the right that she doesn't stand a chance is, I think, missing a major point. Her hubby was probably the most reviled major political figure that I can remember with the possible exception of Nixon. Yet he was elected twice (despite a smear campaign waged by the media even before his election - don't think that the MSM as right-wing spin machine started in 2000) and had popularity numbers that put Chimpy McSmirksalot's to shame - they actually went UP towards the end of his term AFTER the right-wing impeachment circus. I see no reason why Hil couldn't do the same - and man-o-man, I would love to see the Big Man back out on the campaign trail again!

So despite my misgivings back at the end of last year, I'm starting to think that lining up behind Ms. Clinton is not a bad move. We're a long, long, LONG way away from picking a candidate but don't discount her.


At 12:30 AM, Blogger Lex said...

Given the way Clinton has been tacking toward the center, I don't see the party giving her the nomination after the Kerry experience. The party activists are going to want someone who can blow the 2008 version of the Swift Boat Liars out of the water with one punch. That ain't her.

Here's my from-so-far-out-in-left-field-it's-practically-from-another-dimension prediction: Rep. John Conyers of Michigan ... who, so far as I know at this point, has no plans to run.

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll say one thing: HRC would provide the most entertaining campaign in recent memory. Watching the frenzied Dittoheads might almost be worth the possibility of losing the White House to the GOP again.

Of course a BIG part of the HRC equation is this: who's the GOP going to run against her? Frist? He can't even muster enough Senate support to overwhelm a filibuster. Jeb? The Schiavo affair suggests he's not exactly in step with the people, either. And Arnold's ineligible. The only Gopper with name recognition is McCain, and the Bushies' machine would rather commit seppuku than see him in the Oval Office.

Like I said--entertaining.

At 11:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOP would run L. Dole.

I'm thinking a cage match on pay-per-view.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Tony Plutonium said...

While a Clinton/Dole catfight does have some appeal (particularly since Liddy's obvious facelift), I'd rather watch the debate between Hil and Frist - talk about a war of wits against an unarmed man!


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